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Lanterns for Google Cardboard app turns scenic photo into a VR experience

The Lantern Festival celebrates the final day of the Chinese New Year celebrations, and countries around the world often participate by sending hundreds of paper lanterns into the sky. Now, anyone with a VR device can experience the stunning sights of a Lantern Festival by downloading Lanterns for Google Cardboard in the Google Play store. 
The app puts the user near a tranquil mountainside river with paper lanterns floating both in the sky and on the water -- a perfect way to use the immersive power of VR to wind down and relax.
The app gives the user control of the scene by allowing them to customize the amount of lanterns on-screen at once. 
As its name suggests, Lanterns uses Google's cardboard hardware to affordably deliver a VR experience to anyone with a compatible smartphone. However, the viewing angle in the app is adjustable -- so it can be used with a variety of VR headsets.
Lanterns' evenings naturally transition into day with the app's realistic day/night cycle. 
Lanterns for Google Cardboard is currently available for free on the Google Play store, give it a try! 
If you've yet to make the jump to VR, YouTube user ThioJoeTech gives his impressions of Google's cheap Cardboard VR headset below. At only $20, anyone can now afford to hop into the exciting world of virtual reality.
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