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Disney artist Glen Keane sees VR as a revolutionary creative tool

Glen Keane is an animator behind some of the most iconic characters in Disney history -- he worked on movies such as The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Tarzan. Keane recently picked up an HTC Vive headset and tested Google's drawing app Tilt Brush, and he was more than excited with the technology. 
Keane began by demonstrating his skills as a traditional animator and making quick sketches of the Beast from the 1991 classic Beauty and the Beast -- a film Keane also worked on.
Then, Keane stepped into the virtual world by putting on HTC's Vive headset. 
The Tilt Brush app allows artists to create drawings in 3D space, so the farther an object is drawn away from the user's body, the farther the object is in space. Keane began by drawing simple strokes...
But his drawing quickly began to take shape as the Beast.
Tilt Brush allows the artist to see their work from all angles, it's similar to how a sculpture sees his sculpture. 
Keane then started drawing Ariel from Little Mermaid. 
"The character can turn. Ariel is actually turning in space," says Keane.
As Keane steps back, he can see his work from afar. But as he physically moves closer, thanks to the Vive's positional tracking, he can see the finer details of his brush work.
The Tilt Brush app isn't currently available for purchase, but users who pre-ordered the HTC Vive will have the app bundled with the headset. 
The Vive costs $799 and will be released April 5 of this year.
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